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Welina mai i Ka ʻAha Lāhui O ʻOlekona Hawaiian Civic Club o Oregon a me SW Washington (aka KALO) kahi mokuna o ka ʻAhahui o nā Civic Clubs Hawaiʻi a me Na Lei Makalapua (Moku Honu Hui Pū ʻIa o ka AOHCC). Ma aneʻi e ʻike ai ʻoe i ka ʻike e pili ana i nā hanana i loaʻa, nā papahana, a me nā kumuwaiwai e pili ana i nā ala e komo ai i loko o kā mākou kaiāulu ma ʻOlekona, Wakinekona, a me Hawaiʻi .

(Welcome to Ka ʻAha Lāhui O ʻOlekona Hawaiian Civic Club of Oregon and SW Washington (aka KALO) a chapter of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs and Na Lei Makalapua (Continent Council of the AOHCC). Here you will find information about available events, programs, and resources on ways to get involved in our communities in Oregon, Washington, and Hawaiʻi)

Bring shoes, warm clothing, rain jackets,

and a smile!

KALO Hawaiian Civic Club Appoints Leialoha Kaʻula as Executive Director

In the summer of 2019, a group of eager individuals whose love for Hawaiʻi connected them, came together and formed Ka ʻAha Lāhui O ʻOlekona Hawaiian Civic Club of Oregon and SW Washington. Chartered in November of 2019 by the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs to commemorate and continue the work set forth by our founder, Prince Jonah Kūhiō Kalaniʻanaʻole. KALO Hawaiian Civic Club is one of seventeen active clubs of Nā Lei Makalapua - Mainland Council of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs working to provide cultural education and resources for our Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander community here on Moku Honu - the continent.

Since our inception, KALO Hawaiian Civic Club has acquired over $200,000 in grants, sponsorships, and donations to help provide programs like, Hāloa Youth Educational Programs in partnership with UTOPIAPDX and Oregon Pacific Islander Coalition, Aʻo Aku, Aʻo Mai (programs for all ages and connecting to ʻāina and kanaka ʻōiwi of Moku Honu), MANA Collective (cultural programs representing all of the Pacific Islands) in partnership with Ora Nui Tahitian Dance Troupe, Hōʻola Lāhui (health resources, education, and advocating at the state and federal levels) in partnership with the Oregon Health Authority and Trillium Community Health Plan, MŌHALA youth leadership program which is home to Nā Kamaliʻi Talk Story: Inquiring minds of todayʻs youth and Know Your Government Fellowship program in partnership with APANO, is helping us to grow young leaders for our future. Through these efforts, KALO Hawaiian Civic Club also joined the Beaverton Resource Center as a resident organization supporting the community at large through partnerships with Project Access NOW. Because of this collaboration, KALO Hawaiian Civic Club now has a home and a place to welcome all of our members and community.

Our growth, as an organization and a community leader, continues to rise with the support and aloha of our members, partners, ʻohana chapters, and most of all, community. Hawaiians arrived on the ancestral lands of the Native American over two hundred years ago to build partnership and collaborations with our indigenous cousins. The Native Hawaiianʻs relationship to ʻāina - land is very much like the Native Americans. We are not superior to these lands, we are the stewards and protectors of what once was, what can be, and what will be.

Kalo or Hāloa, is known to many as Taro. To Hawaiians, Hāloa is our kupuna - ancestor. Who we are stems from the very core of the taro. We are descents of Hāloa and with that comes kūleana - responsibility to maintain and sustain what our kupuna built as we evolve and incorporate todayʻs ideologies.

As we continue to grow and expand to better serve our Lāhui, I am humbled and honored to announce the appointment of Leialoha Kaʻula as KALO Hawaiian Civic Clubʻs Executive Director. In this newly created position, Leialoha will be part of the Executive Committee and work closely with the Board of Directors to help guide and navigate events and programs, expand our community relationships and outreach. This new position will help us ensure the health and well being of our clubʻs mission and that of our founder Prince Kūhiō remains at the forefront of all that we do.

Me ka haʻaheo, Christine Nalani Ladd

KALO HCC Pelekikena (President)

ʻAhahui o nā Kalapu Civic Hawaiʻi - Kahi Hoʻoholo No. 2020-30


Ke kū nei i ka solida me ke kaiāuluʻeleʻele i loko o kā lākou mau hakakā no ka SOCIAL CHANGE, JUSTICE, EQUITY, AND EQUALITY

Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs - A Resolution No. 2020-30


Standing in solidarity with the black community in their struggle for SOCIAL CHANGE, JUSTICE, EQUITY, AND EQUALITY.

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